Terms of Conditions

- The full validity of after-sale service is within 24 hours after delivery
- Replacing accounts in case of invalidity. Namely: the account is blocked, deleted, incorrect credentials to login into the account at first login only.
- Not to change in the following cases:
a). Purchased initially valid accounts 
b). The client logged into purchased accounts and did activities with those accounts, and were blocked after
c). After 24 hours from the time of delivery
d). The client spams on tickets, email, or chat
e). The client is rude to technical support or uses dirty words.
- Order is not refundable unless the replaced accounts are not serviceable by all means.

You are not suggested for accounts using in following conditions:
- Use your original (local, home) IP address;
- Use VPN services (paid, free, built-in (opera-VPN), and others);
- Use an anonymous TOR browser;
- Use virtual machines, device emulators, and servers (VPS, VDS);
- Use IPv6 - proxy, common proxy, public proxy;
- Use entrusted/flagged proxies and/or devices obtained illegally (including, but not limited to - botnets, etc.);
- Log in to two or more accounts on one device and with one proxy server;
- Use accounts to harm other people (including, but not limited to - bullying on social networks, comment spam, threats, etc.) and to commit other illegal actions (including, but not limited to - fraud, extortion, data theft, etc. d.).

Disclaimer - The clients, namely the account-buyers are only the party responsible for themselves if using the accounts for any illegal activity. We do not approve spamming (i.e., commercial emailing without the prior consent of the recipients) and any fraudulent activity using the accounts.